When to Call an Insurance Lawyer in Toronto


Being involved in an accident is always stressful. An accident that has long term health or financial consequences can be doubly painful. When making claims with insurance companies, it’s important to understand the legal and personal implications. An experienced insurance lawyer can make all the difference to a smooth and successful claim process.


When to Call a Lawyer


Insurance companies need to be profitable to stay viable. They often take difficult legal positions. When there has been an accident or a death in the family, people are vulnerable, and making a claim can be complicated and disheartening. Having a lawyer who can advocate is the most important step towards making a beneficial claim.


A lawyer should be involved when the insured client is considering making a claim for:


  • motor vehicle accident
  • accidents
  • transit accidents
  • benefits
  • long-term disability
  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • while at work


The Value of a Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury lawyer understands the legal ramifications and language involved in insurance policies and how to work their way through the system. They can help fill out forms, give sound legal advice, and answer questions such as:


  • Can a client make a claim for a car accident if they are at-
  • What if debilitating symptoms show up some time after an accident?
  • What if the accident occurred while working?
  • Is it possible to make claims with two different insurance policies?
  • Can I make a claim for pain and suffering?


Here’s how a lawyer may help. There are specific legal terms and definitions that can define the outcome of a claim.  For instance, the term "catastrophic injury” or "catastrophic impairment” can indicate significantly more financial compensation. If a claimant is deemed eligible under this term they may claim for up to a combined $1 million for both attendant care and medical rehabilitation benefits. However, understanding the definition of the term and its various categories can be difficult for a layperson.


Victims may also be able to make a "tort claim”. This is a claim for compensation for physical, emotional or financial damages caused by a wrongful act made against another person who is held legally responsible. Tort lawis a complicated and ever-evolving part of Canada’s legal system and rulings are often based on legal precedent. 


If You Have an Accident


Seek medical help. If possible, document the circumstances and ramifications of the accident by taking pictures and gathering names of any witnesses. Call a lawyer early in the process, preferably one that is experienced in personal injury law. If injured, a lawyer should be able to come to you, and supply you with  a free consultation of your case. Most personal injury lawyers charge fees based on a percentage of successful claims. If you have an accident in Toronto, find an insurance lawyer based in Toronto, so they can help you personally get the best compensation for your circumstances.